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Physical Therapy
Dizziness & Balance

Specializing in the evaluation & treatment of vertigo and balance disorders

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"These people are terrific. This is a place of healing"

James Bell, Bloomington, IL

Patient Testimonials

"These people are terrific. This is a place of healing." - James Bell, Bloomington, IL
"In August 2007, I went to CIIB for vertigo and balance problems. I am 75 years old and have had these problems for many years. After two months of therapy, my balance is very much improved. Poonam and Julie are the most kind and compassionate ladies, so understanding and gentle. I am glad I went to the CIIB and am so pleased with the results.

Thanks to two lovely ladies for your love, help and kindness to me. I'll never forget you. I have your info posted on my bulletin board and talk you up, big-time!" - Norma D. Lind
"I couldn't do anything. It was depressing because I'm independent. I was basically doing nothing when I was sick. Now, I'm doing housework, driving and doing whatever I want. I felt miserable at the beginning of therapy. Then I felt fine and ever since I've felt fine. I was so grateful to them that they could help me. I was so nauseated and fearful of falling. I walked with a walker for several months. I don't use one now." - Margaret Fitzpatrick, Courtesy of the Pantagraph
"I am used to being very active and enjoyed golfing and playing with my grandchildren. I couldn't do either of those things. The exercises they gave me really did the job. Now I'm back to doing everything I could do before.

Even though I was over the worst part of my balance problem, you did all the testing to make sure I needed certain exercises to get back to good health. I will and have recommended you to many people. Thank you very much." - Gelnda Linder
"My balance has improved so much that it's no longer a major problem. I didn't think anything could be done to prevent my balance from deteriorating to invalidism. Thank you very much!" - Dr. Robert Myers
"I highly recommend this much needed facility. My vertigo had been ongoing for 6 weeks. After one session at the Institute of Balance, it was taken care of. I found Julie extremely professional while at the same time very friendly. I hope the physicians in the area will refer patients to this facility." - Joyce Rich
"I appreciate so much everything they did for me. I learned how to control my balance and am so much better now. I haven't fallen once since they worked with me. Thank you all so much!" - Alice Pitzer
"Poonam's 'thumbs-up' encouragement during my therapy sessions has been invaluable in my gaining confidence in my problem with balance and fear of falling. Having seen her work with my husband, I sought her help and no longer 'waddle' and put out my hand for a wall, railing or hand much less frequently. She exemplifies caring, respectful, friendly, and courteous traits with excellence." - Daisy Nelson
"Ms. McAllister is absolutely fantastic. She is so caring, friendly and knowledgeable. She met my every need and was so good with her teaching skills. She is very sweet and courteous. She spent a lot of time with me. The quipment is awesome. It really was so helpful. I hope to return for more assistance. P.S. Poonam also has a great sense of humor - great in this profession!

Ms. Sidak was also extremely knowledgeable, courteous, caring and friendly. She was so patient with me during the hearing testing when I didn't always understand the instructions (my fault - not hers). She made the testing process very pleasant and explained the different procedures as we went along. I was a pleasure having her do my testing." - Gillian Rongey
"I was very pleased with the testing. Now I know exactly what is wrong and what to expect when my dizziness occurs again. When it does, I'll be calling to make an appointment! Thank you!" - Margaret Lucht
"Terrific people with wonderful skill for healing!" - Jim Bell
"I couldn't ask for more professional and courteous and friendly people. The communication was excellent. I never felt as though I was rushed through. I would highly recommend this facility." - Marjorie Gasteel
"After being dizzy for many days, I worked with Julie Sidak for just one morning, followed all of her directions, and walked out of the institute absolutely dizzy-free. It was like a miracle. I'm still dizzy-free." - Harriet Cheek
"I felt I was in good hands from evaluation day through therapy with Poonam. The neck exercises and massages have helped my bad headaches and dizzy feeling a great deal. Julie's audiology evaluation was also thorough. They are both professional but so kind and caring every visit." - Mary R. Cooper
"My experience with the institute was first rate. Both Mrs. McAllister and Mrs. Sidak are exceptional practitioners of their respective professions. Their efforts during my course of treatments proved that I would highly recommend the institute to anyone." - Maxine Harris
"I have recommended several people. CIIB's knowledge and service is the best." - Evelyn Erschen
"I am really enjoying my hearing aids - it is all working out well. We just returned from vacation and being able to hear conversations without straining was a welcome relief." - Alice M. Raber